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Welcome to Aceriter Books, the home of hard-hitting realistic Christian fiction from today’s world, and uncompromising non-fiction that is not afraid to break with the artificial clichés and beliefs found in many Christian books.

The fiction in these books does not take place in biblical times, or colonial times, or end times, but rather in the sweaty and often rotten world you meet when you walk out the front door of your life each day. Forget the fantasy and the C.S. Lewis approach in which you are supposed to divine the “spiritual meaning” of the events. Instead meet the guy in an alley who kicks you hard below the belt and takes your wallet while your wife and young son look on horrified; the new Christian who throws brick through the window of a gas station because he was convinced they cheated him on his car repair bill; the young kid who finds his drunken father in a flop house dying from too much liquor and tries leading him to Christ.

You do not have to figure out the good vs evil in these stories—it hits you in the face! And the same can be said for the hero in the book “The Devil With Yellow Hair,” and the young kid in “Under The Bridge.” Whether you like it or not, this is your world and the way it sometimes functions. If this makes you uncomfortable, then perhaps you should stay with the romances, fantasy and fairytales.

If The Bible Is Really True... You Could Be In Big Trouble

Good Guys Bad Guys and Other Guys

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"Aceriter Books---Books with impact-
-Hard Boiled Christian Fiction And
Uncomprosmisg Nonfiction. Plus two other books unlike anything now in print at the moment.
    Know your religion and know your politics. Be a complete person. Remember, knowledge is power. Forget religious and political correctness. Both are forms of censorship. You should be able to "pull down strongholds and cast down arguments..." (2nd Cor. 10:4,5)  For this you need information, and not the latest self-help book."