Ralph Filicchia is a freelance writer with a varied background; a blue collar guy who has done everything from making false teeth, to selling potato chips, to managing an art store, to working as a hardhat for a powered staging company, and then some. Now in his seventies he has seen plenty of the real world and values the experience. 

He is the author of nine paperback books and over 210 short stories and articles published in both the USA and Canada. The majority of the articles cover politics, Christianity, and cultural issues. Four of his books are novels that deal with baseball, action/adventure, and religion. As an activist he triggered a movement that resulted in the removal of the Anti Defamation League’s “No Place For Hate” program from a dozen towns and cities in the greater Boston area.

He pays no attention to political correctness or even religious correctness and sees no reason why he should. He feels his brain and intellect are just as good as anyone else’s—and maybe better. His pride and joy book is Good Guys Bad Guys and Other Guys, that he feels is the most unique book in today’s Christian market.